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Bridgeburg Historic District

Bridgeburg Historic District logo Bridgeburg Historic District is located in a picturesque setting in the north end of Fort Erie overlooking the Niagara River just five kilometres from the Peace Bridge (the major entry point from Canada to the USA).

Bridgeburg Historic District came into existence in 1873 when the International Railroad Bridge was created, an important link between Canada and the United States and has recently been re-branded to the Bridgeburg Historic District.

Bridgeburg Historic District Means Business

Downtown Fort Erie is now home to more than 100 businesses and a vibrant centre for commerce and professional activity. Four major banking institutions, the Fort Erie Post Office, automotive businesses, antique, retail and service businesses are all well established and thriving in Bridgeburg Historic District Fort Erie.

In fact, results from an independent research analysis of Bridgeburg Historic District commerical business showed that Fort Erie residents visit the downtown district on a regular basis; that Bridgeburg Historic District attracts over 75% of the residents from the "Total Trade Area" (Town of Fort Erie). And, that up to 70% of town residents visit the district at least once per week.

A full on revival is happening now in this district as they have welcomed new business owners and are excited about some of the prospects in 12 short months. The board management has introduced and expanded many successful events including The Bunny Hop (Easter Event), The Taste of Fort Erie (Sept), The Halloween Party (Oct), The Santa Claus Parade (Nov), Bridgeburg's Farmers Market, Indoor Market and will have exciting events for years to come. See their calendar for updated dates and ongoing events:

The District Benefits from Grant Programmes

Crowd in Bridgeburg

The Town of Fort Erie and the Niagara Region offers three Community Improvement Plan (CIP) matching grant programmes to eligible commercial property and business owners located within a Downtown Core Area CIP Project Area. These would include a Commercial Façade Improvement, Commercial Façade Signage programmes and a Residential Creation and Intensification programme aimed at providing some additional residential apartment spaces above and behind commercial businesses in the core areas. The programmes are designed to provide matching grants of up to 50% (to set maximums) that will assist in repair and improvement of our commercial building stock and storefronts. Interest and participation in the programmes has been very good as the downtown continues with notable revitalization activity.


The Bridgeburg Historic District has evolved into one of the most progressive organizations of its kind in Ontario. If you are interested in locating your business in Bridgeburg Historic District Fort Erie and need to know types of space available for rent or information regarding commercial buildings for sale contact us. If you are coming to do business or coming to enjoy our Special Events and you need more information please contact us at:

The Bridgeburg Historic Disctrict
Business Improvement Association: