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FE Industrial Land Strategy Released

The availability of shovel-ready industrial land is integral to the growth of the Town of Fort Erie, and according to findings from a report commissioned to RCI Consulting by the Fort Erie Economic Development & Tourism Services (FE: EDTS), Fort Erie is in dire need of "an adequate supply and variety of serviced industrial land".

On Monday, March 20, 2017, FE: EDTS general manager Jim Thibert and RCI Consulting President Luc Piccioni chronicled the findings from an extensive year of field work, reviews, and analysis in their presentation of their Industrial Land Development Strategy to Fort Erie Town Council.

The report provided a comprehensive review of current land inventories, suitability to build, and recommendations for property outside the urban service boundary which could potentially be converted to competitively priced, serviced, marketable industrial land which would be shovel-ready to investors interested in bringing their business to town.

"Distinguishing between designated, developable, serviced, and shovel ready land was the first step," Thibert said. "The mapping exercise clearly shows evidence of the need for designating an urban boundary expansion of at least 273 gross hectares of additional vacant industrial land in order to accommodate and adequate inventory and mix of industrial development and employment uses that would provide for industrial growth and economic diversification in Fort Erie," said Thibert.

"We've recommended that the Town of Fort Erie, in consultation with the FE: EDTS develop and implement a Town Industrial Land Development Program focusing Town servicing and preparing industrial land to make it shovel ready to respond quickly to industrial land enquiries with a range and choice of serviced industrial sites."

It is anticipated the Town of Fort Erie will review the report's findings and forward final recommendations to the Region of Niagara for consideration in their Comprehensive Municipal Review and the Official Plan.

For full details of the Industrial Land Development Strategy report, click here.